Tape typically ends up being one of the vital useful and cheap tools on a development site. Tapes are good for holding up plastic sheeting for dust control, protecting simply damaged surfaces, and fixing minor mistakes. There are lots of totally different kinds of tapes used on building sites and every has a distinct purpose. Following is a brief evaluation relating to which tapes work finest for varied development applications.

Painter’s Masking Tape: The most typical tape discovered on a job site. While Painter’s tape is most frequently used by painting contractors, it additionally works great for holding up momentary dust barriers. Painter’s tape can also be used steadily by residenceowners to tackle DIY projects across the home. High quality Painter’s tape doesn’t leave a residue upon removal and does not remove paint if utilized directly to a wall or different painted surface.

Duct tape: Duct tape has long been known as an all-objective heavy duty tape for development professionals and residentialowners alike. Duct tape is stronger than Painter’s masking tape however occasionally leaves residues and should strip paint upon removal. Duct tapes vary when it comes to durability and thickness, and higher quality typically means higher price. Professional-quality Duct tapes last more and work a lot better than cheaply made tape discovered at the 99 cents store.

Red Polyethylene Tape: Thick, red polyethylene tape is usually referred to as “stucco tape.” It’s largely used for holding up plastic around windows throughout stucco application to the outside of a home. Using red polyethylene tape and plastic sheeting prevents stucco spray from damaging or otherwise dirtying windows. This prevents the need for an intensive submit-stucco application cleanup.

UV-Resistant Threshold Tape: Specifically-made and UV-resistant, Threshold tape is designed to protect thresholds from damage during construction. It’s a 9mils thick, white, long-term surface protection materials that will not depart a residue even in warmer climates. Its UV-resistance means it does not flake in the sun like other products. After set up, it can safely protect thresholds without leaving a residue for months, even in direct sunlight!

Zip Tape™: Zip Tape™ is a new dust control tape made by Zip Wall™. Zip Tape™ is double-sided and nice for securing plastic boundaries to doorways, partitions, etc. Zip Tape™ makes it simple for contractors to surround or cover anything on a job site with plastic sheeting. Unlike most tapes, Zip Tape™ can be repositioned for as much as an hour after installation. It is rated to be used up to 14 days.

Caution Tape: While not an actual adhesive, Warning tape acts as a protective barrier all the same. It’s most commonly used in building to seal an space off or point out the presence of hazardous substances corresponding to lead, mold, or asbestos. Warning tape is a superb device for meeting RRP compliance laws that require signage indicating lead hazards.

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