Asking for payment in two or more stages will help preserve cash flow whilst you’re working on larger projects. Where appropriate, you could also consider asking for a deposit or partial payment up-front – perhaps when you’re dealing with a new customer, or someone who has delayed paying you in the past. Make sure the details of any staged payments are set out clearly in a written contract before you start work.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction Be concise. To quote the GM of the first radio station I ever worked for use “word economy.” This is especially true when delivering a business presentation. In the corporate world one is wise to use more verbs rather than adjectives. People want action in the workplace. I encourage you to use brief and abrupt sentences as this will give your presentation a more “to the point” feel.

Let us be more social: Come out of your shell and see the world outside and observe their problems and miseries and realist how small is our own hurt and misery.

H.A.L.T – H is for hungry, A for angry, L for lonely and T for tired. Often when people feel snappish or cranky a quick review of those for symptoms may pinpoint a cause. The danger of not paying attention here is that minor incidents can get blown way out of proportion if any or all of those four states are not dealt with.

words of inspiration for sobriety Consider cutting down on those regular trips to Starbucks and Tim Hortons. If you can manage, bring one to office in your travel mug or thermos. You will be surprised at how much you can save if you stick to this routine.

Utilize all the tools you can. Many find that entering a professional setting for alcohol detox and combining that with AA meetings has been very helpful and created success in their recovery. Some see recovery as abstaining from alcohol and not a cure. Whatever works for you and your beliefs is the way to continue in breaking free from the addiction. Only you know why you drink, and what it will take not to submit to alcohol addiction.

words of encouragement for sobriety ‘I don’t feel like doing this,’ or ‘That isn’t really for me.’ If you’re serious, you’ll simply do the things you need to do. Once you’ve turned your life around and have recovered from your addictions help, sure drop NA or AA if you think working your own Spiritual Program is something you’re more comfortable with.

If you are already paying higher rates on your existing life insurance because of high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and you lower those numbers to normal levels, contact your insurance company and let them know. They should lower your rates.