In case you look at the latest runways of Paris, London, New York and Milan you’ll undoubtedly be surprised by the number of shoes for ladies on the runways. Not just boots, over the knee boots however even higher, a lot higher – thigh high boots.

That appears to be the pattern in high fashion these days. You can see them paired with everything; tailor suits, mini dresses, shorts, leggings. They’re designed to be worn within the morning, noon and for a night out.

A lot of the thigh high boots have a high heel and a hugging form that goes on forever, making the legs look slim and flawless, while the only skin showing is the little hole between the tip of the boot and the start of the hem. Thus, very teasingly, the only leg that is showing is the high thigh part… Very sexy proposition, would not you think?

These boots are all about sex enchantment and a bit of history. The high boots in which The Three Musketeers dueled so fiercely and manly has turn into the image of femininity in the trendiest boots that are now being worn by women.

Over the knee boots are much higher this yr with a variety of leathers from the ultra soft suede to the “new materials” darkly futuristic wound and sure look. Olive greens, greys or cream natural tones, red, purples and blues. They are seen in a single color leather or in animal print. Made to look like one piece of stretched leather or a patchwork of various items of the identical color.

Thigh high boots in glove-soft suede is the most attention-grabbing new edition, the place the suede slips down in a sock-like manner. Different and contrasting kind of thigh high boots seen on the runways are fastened with a leather garter to keep them up in any respect time.

Some go up with tight fit. Others thigh high women’s boots widen as they progress. Some fold over in a cuff at the thigh, and a few are lined with fur for a very cozy look and tempting feel in a cold winter day.

They arrive, almost all of them, in high heels and a platform that adds no less than an inch and a half to the height. These platforms are hidden inside the boot and make one long line of coloration and texture from the toe to the thigh.

The futurist look is well represented in the over the knee boots. Some are made from man-made supplies and a few are inspired by old times and have a contemporary twist on laces from high to toe in metallic colors.

However the most superb truth about those over the knee boots are the colors. Gone are the blacks and browns. The shades of colours range from powder blue to Lilly blue, from white to cream to tan and shiny yellow. Reds, violets and greens – all made to enrich the outfit and make the wearer look fashionable, well dressed and… taller.

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