Here are 10 ways you can

reduce your plastic use today

Hundreds and thousands

of plastic toothbrushes

are found in our seas.

So next time you’re getting a

new toothbrush you should

consider a bamboo straw supplier toothbrush

First of all ask yourself:

“Do I need a straw?”

The answer is probably no.

What does a straw

actually bring?

A better “drinking experience”?

Anyway if you do need a

straw I have this nifty thing

which comes with

a bamboo straw

So that I can say

no to plastic straws

Tastes the same as

if I wasn’t using a straw

You can also get bamboo

reusable cutlery so if you

go out to eat in a cafe,

you can say no to

disposable cutlery and

use your own

You can bring your own

reusable net bag to put

fruit and bamboo straw supplier veg in instead of

using the plastic ones provided

Chewing gum is made of

plastic so maybe just give that up?

Don’t really see

the point in it anyway

Always bring a cloth bag instead

of using the plastic bags

Instead of using plastic

bottles you can get a

stainless steel one which

you can refill in the tap

You can bring your

reusable coffee cup to

the coffee shop instead

of using the disposable ones

Opt for a metal lunch box

instead of cling film

You can buy reusable

containers to take to

zero waste shops to

fill up on your cereal

I hope you enjoyed my hacks

to try and reduce plastic use

I’d love to hear some

of your hacks in the

comments section below.

Thanks so much for

watching and see you soon!