If your debtor is rich and has not hidden their assets, you can sell your judgment for big money. If not, it is going to sell for pennies on the dollar; and perhaps you should consider trying to find a contingency future-payment judgment recovery expert.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction I was in a chiropractor’s office last week. Dr. Harper showed me his new sophisticated, computerized spine diagnostic device that evaluated the health of each vertebra. He explained the effects of poor health at each joint; C2 and T1-5 – heart, T5-L1 – digestion etc. It makes sense that nerves serving these organs must exit the spine and should do it without interference. This works best with proper alignment.

Make use of local state agencies and services to find a good one. Ask social workers about which programs they like the best. Your goal is to be drug-free so that you have your life back, so don’t put half an effort into your research. Ask plenty of questions while choosing a program and once you’re in a program.

Today though, I’ve learned to look beyond these events and to what they trigger in me. And what I uncover are the old wounds and hurts from long ago – the historical causes of my hysterical reactions. And once I’m able to see events as the ‘buttons’ they are, my real emotional recovery can begin. Today I use questions to help identify and heal old wounds. “What’s really behind this reaction?” “What can I do right now to sooth myself?” “Where’s the recovery here?” All these wonderful questions are tools I now use to help me heal and so avoid these bigger than life reactions. Today I uncover, discover and heal old hurts.

words of encouragement for recovery of inspiration for sobriety All too often your self worth may become dependent upon weather you live up to the expectations of others in “addiction recovery”. You may feel if you are perfect and follow the program exactly you will obtain the peace and forgiveness you seek. Don’t confuse your actions or the actions of others with God’s desire or will to love or help you. You may feel that if you relapse you have failed or are unworthy of God’s help. Or you may only feel valued if you “follow the program”, remain sober, attend meetings, or call yourself an alcoholic or drug addict as you have been told to do by the professionals.

All things are possible through prayer and Jesus said that all things are possible to him that believes. If we believe that we can be delivered from an addiction, then we can be delivered. If we believe that through prayer we can stay delivered, then we can stay in recovery.

words of encouragement for sobriety There are literally millions of people who are taking various anticoagulants including aspirin to help thin the blood to prevent heart attacks. If the blood is less “sticky” then it is less likely to clump together causing a stroke or heart attack.

Twelve step meetings and support group meetings range in value from poor to excellent. The only way you can truly find out is by attending and experiencing a wide array of meetings. Twelve step meetings such as AA, NA and GA have various formats and are usually run by a volunteer chairperson. It is important that you consider such factors as meeting size, time and location. However, it is more important to evaluate how the meeting “feels.” Was there an opportunity for you to share your comments and concerns? Was there good chemistry? Did you feel connected? Was there adequate time to socialize before and after the meeting? Finding the right support group meetings is essential in developing a strong support network.