On the First Nation or Native American Medicine Wheel, Dog represents Loyalty. You may remember a special dog from your childhood that offered unconditional love and companionship. Dog never cares how you look, what job you have, or what your status is in the community. What dog wants is to connect.

words of inspiration for sobriety ‘I don’t feel like doing this,’ or ‘That isn’t really for me.’ If you’re serious, you’ll simply do the things you need to do. Once you’ve turned your life around and have recovered from your addictions, sure drop NA or AA if you think working your own Spiritual Program is something you’re more comfortable with.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction Most prizes that participants contend for are temporary. The ultimate and eternal prize is what qualities you have developed. Who you are becoming is more important than what you do.

An addiction can be the result of any number of things – an addict is not necessarily a bad person. Many people feel overwhelmed by the pressures and stresses of their lives and turn to drugs as a ‘get-away’. Many addicts are exposed to drugs when they are young, so it has always been a natural part of their lives. Having an addiction does not automatically make you a bad person, no matter what the cause was. You need to realize that there is something better – a life free of drugs. If you are unable to admit that you have an addiction, then there is very little chance that you will have the determination to make your life better.

words of encouragement for sobriety And these medications do not just mask the pain, they also change the way you function mentally. And if a person has emotional issues to begin with, the added effects of the drugs can lay the prefect foundation for a full blown addiction. Prescription drug addiction is so common these days that more of our calls are for alcohol affects prescription meds than anything else.

The great lie of addiction is that there is no hope and that the addict is “too addicted”, “too bad” or “too evil” to deserve a positive and healthy life, sober from the chains of addiction. That is simply a lie. We have seen addicts in the deepest despair and chasms of their addictions find happiness and sobriety. There is hope! This hope comes by coming out of the dark and taking those first steps towards recovery. Trust us…you are not by yourself. Millions suffer from the bonds of these addictions.

Many people become drug addicted due to lots of reasons. To some people, they need it in order to cope or deal with depression or anxiety. This often emanates from inability to handle unpleasant situations of life. Another reason many people cite is physical and mental stimulation. These people believe that it helps to stimulate them physically and mentally. Also, there are several other people who become addicted because of their inability to have a good sleep.