I’m going to talk about different kinds

of spoons that you might use in the

kitchen specifically these are my

favorite these are composite spoons

they’re shaped like your typical wooden

spoon but they are not wood so that

means a couple things number one no

splinters number two you can put them in

the dishwasher if you have wooden spoons

you can’t leave them in water for very

long because they will warp and bamboo tea tong maker dry out

these are great for nonstick cooking

because they won’t scratch the bottom of

the pants now some other spoons you

might use this is a plastic one hardly

ever use it it would melt if it touched

the bottom of a hot pot and this one is

very flimsy

so even if I tried to use it to scoop

out some food it would probably drop

half of it now this one is great for

serving or bamboo tea tong maker scooping out food into a big

bowl because it’s got a wide this is

also called a bowl a wide bowl of the

spoon and you can get a lot of food in

it this one is pretty light I don’t like

to use this one for stirring because

it’s kind of it’s it’s it’s very big in

the hand but like I said this one is my

favorite is a composite spoon and it’s

great for all kinds of applications