Talking to your customers and finding out the reasons for non-payment should sort things out. And in the future, make your sure quotes and terms and conditions are crystal clear so you and your customer both know exactly where you stand.

words of encouragement for sobriety Some of my company’s software products are moving, but our big-ticket software products are sucking wind. I’m not alone. I have a customer whose six-figure printing equipment line is not moving. And my cousin’s construction business is standing still. None of us are going out of business. And we’re still making money (I’ll explain how shortly). But because we sell products and services that are purchased by people who are making capital investments, we’re seeing a lot less demand right now. That’s because our customers, both big and small, don’t seem to be making many large investments. And like facing a 12-year-old throwing his first curveball, there are just too many scary things out there.

Your office should be stocked, organized, and running efficiently. If you haven’t been seeing very many prospects lately, be sure you have pressed suits, working demos, and whatever else you might need to start closing orders. If you feel like you might not be ready for an upswing, take care of those problems immediately.

words of inspiration for sobriety Most prizes that participants contend for are temporary. The ultimate and eternal prize is what qualities you have developed. Who you are becoming is more important than what you do.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction There are plenty of well meaning counselors out there that have no understanding of this problem. The wrong counselor can do more harm than good. I suggest that you work with a Certified Sex Addiction Counselor (CSAT). The CSAT has become the industry’s standard certification for therapists working with sex addiction. Google it and find a CSAT.

The answer to that lies within the individual. The twelve step recovery program is the vehicle which we use in drug addiction symptoms and alcohol treatment, and therefore should be the same method practiced by the staff. After all, we are the ones the patients first see and we espouse this approach to living. How well do we see that rigorous honesty being practiced in us? See, this personal inventory stuff, if done correctly gets pretty painful from the get go. Even after years of abstinence. So the first moral inventory usually is pretty superficial. But it is a beginning.

You may be feeling discouraged because you see other better, leaner, faster athletes who are winning every race they run and you are yet to win. Congratulate them and keep going on, your day is coming.