• 3 Oct 2014: New quiz added: Flags with the union flag (union jack). • 24 Dec 2016: New quiz added: Flags with a crescent (13 questions). There is nothing like the sight of colorful international flags lining both sides of big-city thoroughfare. I do like to try and stay focused on one (maybe two..) projects at a time as I am way more productive that way. I’ve been thinking of using it as a even faster, more furious, and still fun way of resolving mass combats for Savage Worlds set in the early twentieth century. This would probably be a Pulp Adventure game of some sort like I’ve been running a lot of lately. This is one I’ve been wanting to do for years. One fun, new ride is Dorothy’s Racing to the Rainbow. Well as I mentioned I should have four armies by Fallcon and could potentially accommodate up to six armies (requiring three tables; one in the war room, two in the garage – which will be heated by next fall!). Since there is a height limit on most roller coasters, smaller children can go to Bugs Bunny World, Thomas Town, Six Flags Plaza, and High Sierra Territory for a lot of safer rides.

Sign up for our park newsletter and we’ll let you know immediately if you’ve won two tickets to Six Flags! You never know who you bring into your business will end up backstabbing you. 4 tactical factor and they quick kill shooters – which is the bulk of the stands on the table – so they’d be likely end up being used as shock troops… 6. What are meant by interrupt pointer and interrupt pointer table? I started painting them back in February and almost completed them and they’ve been loitering on the fringes of the painting table ever since – they were so close to being finished I just couldn’t put them away in a storage box! The figures are done, I just have to finish a couple of flags. You wouldn’t believe how many changes I have made since practice one, going round and round chasing our tails and ended up coming back to something similar to where we started.

For the balance of this year I’d like to stick with the early twentieth century and the Contemptible Little Armies rules but shift my focus a bit to the east and into the years following the Great War – The Back of Beyond. The Naval ensign is like other commonwealth navies is white, and as the Scottish Nationalists are keeping the monarchy (for now anyway) it would be a Royal Navy and is defaced with the Royal Arms of Scotland. For those who like me wish to show their support for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution it is probably best not to use the RNLI garden flag placement as that is for shore establishments and house flag on lifeboats. It is a symbol of national unity and pride. Both are detailed a bit more below. Im not totally pleased with the flags, they were a bit rushed and may be replaced at some point… I may just have to run some Savaged Pirate games… The flags may bear the crest of the team, the club colors, an image of a player or manager, or popular slogans or chants synonymous with the club.

We strive to provide our customers unique flags for all the seasons and holidays. I can’t seem to print the state flags. The default set of command-line flags is controlled by top-level functions. I also found a few leftover Old Glory US regulars infantry figures and topped them off with a Flags of Wars flag. Mixing a old school look with a new era terrain. Gives a nice look to them. These Tasrist Generals have just been rebased, but look pretty nice so… A couple of Chinese Warlord Generals. The scenario I have in mind would be set in China in the early 1920’s and involve a walled city that four separate armies (White Russian, Bolshevik, British/Indian, and Chinese Warlord – plus the defenders of the city makes five, I guess) are trying to take or loot, or prevent others from taking or looting, for their own personal reasons, perhaps with some sub-plots/alternate victory conditions for each. Although the “Bonnie Blue Flag” is the best known example, a better documented flag consisted of a single red star on a white field. This would be like a mini-convention were we get together and play games all weekend long, except all the games would be part of a single campaign.