There are numerous studies in the medical literature on the manual muscle testing methods that are the basis of applied kinesiology. In 1949 a study by Kendall and Kendall looked into the original methods of testing muscles which led to the main diagnostic tool of muscle testing that is now used in Applied Kinesiology. So even though you’re going to school to study kinesiology, be prepared to tackle coursework in a variety of disciplines! The Kinesiology degree provides students with a variety of post-graduation opportunities. According to the agreement, a minimum of five seats in Alvernia’s DPT program are reserved for qualified students graduating from the Penn State Berks B.S. Penn State Berks and Alvernia University have a joint agreement centered around Alvernia’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. A study currently in press in the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy demonstrating resolution of a herniated disc with applied kinesiology methods, shown with pre- and post-MRI.

I study kinesiology, physiology, physics and anatomy for performance enhancement purposes compromised with basic guidelines relative to hypertrophy, strength, power and conditioning. It is also a scientific study as it does not prepare the individuals for a clinical practice. Observing changes in motor function in response to sensory receptor stimulus is an established scientific practice. Changes in motor function observed via manual muscle testing must be properly interpreted, according to the doctor’s knowledge of neurology, Hamstring GO Tape biochemistry, and other relevant diagnostic factors. Muscle testing and reflex responses are the way neurologists assess neurologic motor function. This is our body’s way of indicating that we have gone “off track”. They have a lot of techniques and knowledge that they are able to use to offer their patients positive health outcomes in relation to back pain as well as other health conditions. 2. Both standard physiotherapy and combination therapy with Kinesiology Taping (modified by the present authors) used in patients after knee arthroplasty may considerably improve the level of proprioception, body balance and overall functional performance. Conclusions: 1. Patients after knee replacement surgery have considerable proprioception deficits, impaired body balance and reduced functional performance, which may increase the risk of falls in this group of patients.

Background: Proprioception and body balance after knee arthroplasty have a considerable impact on restoration of joint function and a normal gait pattern. Well, the function of the gallbladder is to store and concentrate the bile, which is then ejected into the intestines to help break down any fats that we have eaten. Neurologists and applied kinesiologists both introduce sensory stimuli of known value in pathways whose anatomy is known, and observe expected changes in motor function. All students in this option will take courses involving human anatomy (including an opportunity to participate in a 400-level cadaver laboratory course), exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport and exercise psychology, neurobiology, history and philosophy of sport and exercise, and nutrition. The Corrective Exercise & Orthopedic Rehabilitation track is designed to provide the allied health care and fitness professional with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to design and implement exercise programs for individuals with musculoskeletal and movement dysfunction. Kinesiology, with coursework focusing on either Exercise Science (ES) or Physical & Health Education Teacher Education (PHETE).

As well, holistic healing classes may be more comprehensive in nature and integrated into certificate, degree and continuing education programs. To enquire about different educational programs and how to register as a kinesiology PKP student, please send an email HERE. The PKP kinesiology education offers great opportunities for multidimensional growth and expansion. You can choose to take either the one-year certificate or the two-year diploma – both of which transfer into Kinesiology degree programs throughout Western Canada (we recommend working with an Education Advisor for credit transfer). Tennessee Transfer Pathways are advising tools designed to help community college students plan for transferring to a Tennessee public university to complete their baccalaureate degree. Cal State- Long Beach is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission to award this bachelor of kinesiology degree. A bachelor of kinesiology looks at these topics in detail, often implementing a hands-on approach so you can see mobility problems and solutions firsthand.