Let us be more social: Come out of your shell and see the world outside and observe their problems and miseries and realist how small is our own hurt and misery.

words of encouragement for sobriety It is helpful to find someone who is in recovery. This could be through a 12 step program, a church, or just a friend who had been a user and quit. Find a person in recovery who is not going to preach to you or confront you; find someone just to talk. Recovery involves looking at the damage in you life that drug use has caused. It also involves seeing to good things that have come to others that have quit. Taking to others about the good things can be very helpful and motivating.

Evaluate your thoughts and discuss them with a member of your treatment team. Learn to recognize which thoughts are lies and which are the truth. Build a list of truthful and positive statements to combat the lies. You may use Bible verses, inspirational quotes, poems, song lyrics and truthful statements. Write them down on note cards to have them handy when you need them. This principle of changing your thoughts is what the Bible would refer to as renewing the mind. Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Notice what this verse says will happen by renewing the mind. We will be transformed. Transformed is a pretty strong word and is something one needs in recovery.

words of inspiration for sobriety Finances will most likely be a big factor in making a decision. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 22.2 million Americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol, but ninety percent fail to receive treatment. Studies show that the number one obstacle is cost. It’s a sad fact that many families spend every bit of savings they have, including mortgaging their homes or draining retirement and general anxiety symptoms college funds, in an attempt to save their loved ones.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction Open Outlook and click on the Deleted Items folder. Click on the File tab at the top (from the ribbon menu) and then click on the Recover Deleted Items option at the extreme right hand side. Wait until the process finishes and brings up the deleted items. When finished, check your emails and put them back to the relevant folders (only if you want to).

The answer to that lies within the individual. The twelve step recovery program is the vehicle which we use in drug and alcohol treatment, and therefore should be the same method practiced by the staff. After all, we are the ones the patients first see and we espouse this approach to living. How well do we see that rigorous honesty being practiced in us? See, this personal inventory stuff, if done correctly gets pretty painful from the get go. Even after years of abstinence. So the first moral inventory usually is pretty superficial. But it is a beginning.

You should also encourage your customers to tell you straightaway if they’re having problems paying. You may be able to accommodate delayed or staged payments, but only if you know about them sooner rather than later! Make sure any changes to your original payment terms are agreed in writing; an exchange of emails is fine.