Manufacturers are increasingly adding ornamentation to their designs, Sheets says. Today’s wallpaper options beading, recycled tile, and glass to give your walls an upscale, mosaic-like effect. It’s the perfect way to create a luxurious house that’s (admittedly) only a bit over the top. However is drama in decor ever really a nasty thing?

Current collections include ‘Rockpools’ which was created after a walk on a local beach along with her son Eddie at Climping, West Sussex. The afternoon introduced again fantastic childhood recollections for Fiona: gazing into shiny watery pools, accumulating limestone pebbles and pretty shells, trying to find small crabs and floaty green seaweeds. She returned dwelling with a pocket stuffed with shells and instantly started sketching.

Tape off the ceiling, moldings, and baseboard with painter’s tape (not common masking tape, which can pull up paint). Minimize in on the ceiling with an angled brush, then roll the remainder of the wall, working in a “W” form, then crisscrossing to cover the entire wall. “If you go up and down, you’ll depart new strains as paint builds up on the roller,” says Koubele.

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